Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) called the push for a 2nd Trump impeachment a "farce" that flies in the face of the US Constitution.

Daines joined us on our statewide radio talk show- Montana Talks with Aaron Flint- to highlight President Biden's first week in office, the shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline, security of our southern border and more.

He said the impeachment push against Trump is "all about revenge:"

DAINES: President Trump is no longer president, and guess what the chief justice is not presiding. So I don't believe there is a constitutional grounds to do this for a departed president. I call on Biden, stop this nonsense. We need to keep moving the country forward.

Click here for the full audio from our Montana Talks with Aaron Flint podcast.

Later Tuesday, 45 Republican senators voted to declare the Trump impeachment trial unconstitutional, according to Politico:

The vote, forced by GOP Sen. Rand Paul, underscores the significant hurdles facing the House’s impeachment managers, who will need to convince at least 17 Republican senators in order to secure a conviction.

Paul’s effort reflects the widespread belief among Republicans that the Senate should not hold an impeachment trial Trump because he is now a private citizen and therefore is not subject to the punishment of removal from office.

We also spoke with former University of Montana constitutional law professor Rob Natelson who is now with the Independence Institute. He says the fact that Chief Justice John Roberts refused to preside over the impeachment trial, makes it even more clear that the impeachment attempt is unconstitutional.

By the way, audio of our conversation with Rob Natelson is ALSO available on our Montana Talks podcast. (Download our Montana Talks app to get the latest podcasts)

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