The Watertown, Massachusetts-based company that runs the William R. Lowe Child Care and Enrichment Center on the campus of MSU Billings will lay off 13 people when it closes on Friday, Sept. 9.  In a telephone conversation and email exchange with KBUL News on Thursday afternoon, Bright Horizons’ Senior Director of Communications Bridget Perry said (quote) ”We have been proud to operate the center, and we tried to work with the University on a way to maintain the center. However, without their financial support, it is not possible.” (unquote)

She said that the company cannot transfer the MBUB employees because it doesn’t operate any other facilities in the “immediate area.”  Bright Horizons nearest facility is at MSU Great Falls College, nearly four hours away from Billings.  Perry said they are committed to helping families find alternative care arrangements, and supporting staff with career counseling seminars and job search expertise.

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