Can you imagine the mockery that would be facing Montana's Republican Senator Steve Daines if he cut a campaign ad featuring women who were paid to work for him saying how great he is?

That awkwardness just happened for Montana's liberal Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT), the Democrat candidate for US Senate.

The real question is why did he get so defensive, so fast?

The National Republican Senatorial Committee's Nathan Brand says he normally doesn't share ads from Democrats, "but this is really something..."

You might recall, Bullock was previously let off the hook by the Montana media after kicking his female lieutenant governor to the curb. He's also been refusing to consult with the woman elected to serve as Superintendent of Public Instruction in Montana.

The story is already getting national attention via Breitbart News:

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D), who is running for Senate against Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT), released an ad on Monday touting women’s support for him after accusations of sexual misconduct resurfaced.

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Bullock also released the video after an ABC Fox Montana story, updated over the weekend: New accusations resurface old problems in the Gov.’s office

In early 2016, Bullock’s then Lieutenant Governor Angela McLean resigned from her position, after emails were released suggesting McLean, a Democrat, was being phased out of the office. While rumors have swirled as to what may have led to the fractured relationship, nothing has ever been confirmed.

Later that year, it was revealed Governor Bullock had used state resources to fly with the Commerce Director Meg O’Leary to the Kentucky Derby and a Paul McCartney concert in Missoula, among others.


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