Travis, you idiot, there's a typo in the headline.

No, I spelled it correctly.  Souper, as in soup like clam chowder, minestrone and chicken noodle.  But this isn't the canned stuff for a quick lunch.  This is the 19th annual Souper Bowl Fundraiser for Angela's Piazza.

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This is a great lunch or dinner get-together.  26 representative soups from top area restaurants come together in one location, along with dozens and dozens of hand-crafted bowls from surrounding artists.  Pick out a bowl, choose a soup, and enjoy a warm meal with bread and company who care for the Piazza's mission.  Can't decide between two delicious soups?  Forgo the bowl and take the Special Team option of both soups.

The Souper Bowl is this Friday, February 9th, for lunch 11:00 to 1:30, and for supper 4:00 to 6:30.  Because this event has grown in attendance over the past couple years, the location is now in the American Lutheran Church at 5 Lewis Avenue.

Because this is a fundraiser, the cost is $40 per person.  Come on in with two twenties ready for each in your party.

Here's the kicker to this event: You keep the bowl, it's yours!  You can return home with a unique, beautiful bowl crafted by caring hands, as a Thank-You for financially upholding the Piazza.

Two Handcrafted Bowls
Two of the bowls I have received at previous Souper Bowls. Travis Lee, TSM

What is Angela's Piazza?

This is a walk-in center for women and girls to receive support and new life free from violence and addiction.  Located just west of downtown Billings, Angela's Piazza is a quaint little house converted to serve and welcome ladies of all ages.  They provide education and a support group for domestic violence survivors, and support for victims of sexual assault.  They have an activity program for Native girls 8-17 that connects them to the traditions and heritage of their ancestors.  Programs address addiction and parenting for a brighter future.  And spiritual counseling is available by appointment.

Angela's Piazza is a warm, loving haven for women and girls who have experienced some of the worst stuff out there.  They rise from the depths to shine again.

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