A Winter Storm Warning is currently in effect and will continue through Tuesday morning (2/22) for Billings and a large portion of south central Montana, according to the National Weather Service.

Snow began to accumulate in Yellowstone County early this afternoon (Sunday 2/20) with the heaviest snowfall expected tonight between 8 pm and midnight in Billings, where a total accumulation of 8 to 12 inches is predicted.

According to the National Weather Service, travel during this winter storm will be "hazardous" with poor visibility and "slick and snow-packed roads" making it dangerous for motorists. Wind gusts could hit 30 mph with this storm and bring windchills of -10 to -20 below tonight (Sunday) and Monday night.

Due to poor road conditions, the Billings Police Department has enacted the Slick Streets Policy in the city as of 3:45 pm Sunday (3/20). If you're involved in a "minor crash," you should just exchange driver and vehicle information as the BPD will not be responding to these incidents during the winter storm.

Snowfall is expected to end in Billings by midday on Tuesday (2/22), and then temperatures will be the coldest we've seen in 2022, with actual low temperatures of -16 below on Tuesday night, and -17 on Wednesday night (2/23).

The current forecast for Billings from the National Weather Service doesn't have a temperature above the freezing mark until next Saturday, February 26.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

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