As a former truck driver, this excites me. I would be honored to drive one of these rigs to promote our fine city, Billings, Montana!

Here's a picture of my old rig to show I am not kidding:


Well, Visit Billings has joined with Diversified Transfer and Storage (DTS) in rolling out five wrapped semi-trucks featuring stunning imagery of Billings and the surrounding areas encouraging travelers to explore Big Sky Country.

The truck routes go as far east as Indiana and as far west as Los Angeles,
covering two-thirds of the country with the localized messaging.

Along with inspiring motorists, people are encouraged to share photos of the trucks on social media using #DriveToBillings for the chance to win a Montana care package courtesy of Visit Billings.

DTS Fleet Risk and Safety Manager Frank Molodecki said, “This partnership is not only good for the community, it is in keeping with our company goal of community involvement and honestly, it is just the right thing to do.”

“It was an honor working with the great team at Visit Billings to make this opportunity come alive,” said Don Kiesser, owner of TransMar Transitional Marketing. “This project will attract new visitors and business to Billings while showcasing our great community.”

The trucks will run for at least two years, extending the mobile marketing effort beyond normal campaign time constraints and covering markets Visit Billings cannot typically penetrate.

Check out these photos of one of the trucks in Las Vegas:

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