Press Release from The City of Billings Public Works Department on 11-1-2022, Formatted for Clarity by Josh Rath.

The City of Billings Public Works Department announced the partial re-opening of the east end of the drop-off building at the Billings Regional Landfill.

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Why was it closed?

After a fire in January, the Landfill Building was shuttered to undergo repairs. Those repairs have been completed to the east end of the building.

When will it reopen?

Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 2nd at 8 am.

What is accepted?

General Household Garbage is the only trash being accepted at this time.

Details on your arrival:

Customers will still enter and stop at the scales, where they will be directed to the proper location according to garbage type. Additional signs will be posted for directions. Please enter through the large overhead east door, drop the garbage near one of the two available holes, and leave through one of the south doors back to the outbound scales to exit the Landfill.

Is it expected to be busy?

According to the Billings Public Works Department, this will depend on customer volume. As the floor space is reduced by 1/3 at this time, expect delays and be patient.

When will the entire building reopen?

Repairs to the west end of the building will begin later this year, with a projected completion and re-opening of the entire building in late spring or summer 2023. More information about the Billings Regional Landfill such as schedules and fees can be found on their website,

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