The Big Sky Chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation is hosting their 2nd annual Beer 4 Deer event, Jan 28th at the Blue Cat Bar and Grill in Huntley. Everyone is welcome to attend the casual event, starting at 7 pm.

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Grab some grub and a cold brew for a good cause.

The Mule Deer Foundation was founded in 1988 by Emmett Burroughs in Redding, CA. The non-profit group's goal is simple,

The Mule Deer Foundation is the only conservation group in North America dedicated to restoring, improving, and protecting mule deer and black-tailed deer and their habitat, with a focus on science and program efficiency. Our conservation programs combined with our grassroots support are the foundation of who we are as an organization. We are committed to sustaining our western deer populations by ensuring quality habitat in the areas deer need on a daily, seasonal, and yearly basis.

Thousands of mule deer were harvested in 2020 in Montana, the majority from residents. You can search harvest numbers for the state HERE.

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Silent auction and firearms raffle.

The Big Sky Chapter Mule Deer Foundations always has some fantastic prizes, including numerous firearms. The event this year is sponsored by HUNT IT Guns & Ammo. Due to MT lottery laws, you cannot purchase your raffle tickets online, but you CAN reserve them online HERE. The more tickets they pre-sell, the more guns they'll have to win. I've got a buddy that seems to win a new gun at every one of these types of events. Lucky dog.

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Mule deer numbers are slowly increasing in Montana.

According to the Mule Deer Foundation, muleys were prevalent across the West until an extremely harsh winter/spring in 1983/84 decimated many deer. Mule deer populations were slow to rebound. Now, numbers are slowing increasing again as the Huntin Fool website notes. The state estimate for 2020 was 328,313 mule deer, with most of them (114,035) found in Region 7 in southeast Montana. Supporting the Big Sky Chapter Mule Deer Foundation will help ensure a healthy mule deer population. Go have a beer for the deer, January 28th in Huntley.

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