Curious to see what the most popular Halloween candy in Montana is? Read on!

A recently published survey showcases the most popular confections for each state on Halloween. And as I'm sure you are thinking, "Wait, isn't ALL candy Halloween candy?" Well, kind of...

Five states chose candy that you can only eat around Halloween...CANDY CORN came in number one in Oregon, Wyoming, Oregon, Wyoming, Texas, Tennessee, and South Carolina. This is by far the most popular candy according to the results.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups garnered more votes OVERALL. Still, only number one in two states . . . Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The others are Kit Kats, and Butterfinger were the only three that got votes from all 50 states.

Here's a random one...Oreos are the most popular in West Virginia...guys, step your game up!

Th most surprising one? Arizona chose Toblerone. Ooh, fancy!

The most popular candy in Montana? Kit Kat.

(See the breakdown of the most popular Halloween candy in each state here)

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