If you know a Montana singer looking to get their chance in the spotlight and a shot at making it big- "American Idol" auditions are soon opening up in Montana via Zoom.

The auditions are opening up as American Idol gets ready to enter their 20th season. Has it really been 20 years of American Idol? (Old guy weighing in)

American Idol did a similar deal last year due to COVID-19. As KULR-8 TV reported at the time, it was the first online audition opportunity in the show's history.

According to the American Idol crew:

During this season’s first round of ‘American Idol,’ hopefuls can sign up to audition face-to-face in front of producers and receive real-time feedback for a chance at making Idol history and being crowned the next ‘American Idol’ as we enter season five on ABC and a historic 20th season for the franchise overall.


‘American Idol’ alum David Cook will also be featured during the Montana auditions. Cook will join hopefuls in the waiting room for Q&A, audition tips and more as well as a guest audition judge for the day.

You can visit www.americanidol.com/auditions for more information on “Idol Across America” for specific audition details and more.

If you were able to nominate someone to try out for American Idol here in Montana- who would you nominate? There's some great singers and artists here in Montana, but the first one that would come to mind for me would be Jessica Allestad in Billings.

She is a very impressive and talented young artist. After hearing her play at Kava Roots in Billings, we thought- we better get her on the radio here in Montana before she takes off for Nashville.

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