Yellowstone National Park, along with most counties in western Wyoming are still dealing with unhealthy air quality. The air quality index for YNP has been hovering around 100 which is "unhealthy for sensitive groups".

According to the National Weather Service and the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality:

  • WHAT...Air Quality Alert for Wildfire Smoke.
  • WHERE...Much of western and central Wyoming except southern Lincoln, Sweetwater, southeast Fremont, and Natrona counties.
  • WHEN...Until 1 PM, Thursday, August 26th.
  • Sensitive groups should wear a mask outdoors and avoid strenuous excercise.
  • IMPACTS...Smoke from wildfires across the western U.S. will persist across the region. The smoke may limit visibility at times and create poor air quality, especially in the basins and valleys.
  • HEALTH INFORMATION...The Wyoming Department of Health recommends that the elderly, young children, and individuals with respiratory problems avoid excessive physical exertion and minimize outdoor activities during this time.
  • Wildfire smoke is made up of a variety of pollutants, including particulate matter and ozone, which can cause respiratory health effects.
  • Although these people are most susceptible to health impacts, the Department of Health also advises that everyone should avoid prolonged exposure to poor air quality conditions.

Other tips for when an AQI alert is in effect: run an air purifier when indoors. Keep windows closed to prevent particulates from contaminating your indoor air. The air quality in Yellowstone and the surrounding counties is expected to be poor for the foreseeable future.

Keep in mind that air quality numbers (AQI) can fluctuate drastically and rapidly.


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