Missoula police, U.S. Marshalls, and Missoula Probation and Parole agents caught two individuals breaking the law on Wednesday afternoon, when they stopped by a residence on Coolie Street during a home visit.

"When they got there, they made contact with a 47-year-old male and a 27-year-old female: the residents," said Missoula Police Public Information officer Travis Welsh. "They subsequently arrested them for outstanding warrants and drug offenses. The male, identified as James Sherman is currently being held on a probation violation."

The drugs involved appear to be meth or opiates. Welsh explains the details of what Sherman was on probation for.

"The male, Mr. Sherman was on probation for burglary and drug offenses," Welsh said. "She is not on probation, but she did have an outstanding warrant, however it is unclear what that warrant is for."

KGVO news called the County Attorney's office to find out what the warrant was for. The 27-year-old female is Ashli Lee Macdonald, who was already in trouble for missing a court appearance and for failing to register as a violent offender, a crime she was jailed for just last year. Macdonald was originally charged and convicted with aggravated assault and assault on a minor after she broke her seven month old infant’s arm and leg in two separate instances of anger at the child’s crying. MacDonald was given a suspended sentence back in 2012 and never went to prison.

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