I often picture a Montana bowhunter with a freshly killed buck in the back of his Ford F-950 (creative license) excited to have his venison cleaned and dressed. He is salivating at the idea of deer jerky and venison pot roast, ready to take it to the 4th Avenue Meat Market and is searching for hours while his kill goes rancid because the jokes on him... there is no 4th Ave Meat Market on 4th Avenue. In fact the 4th Avenue Meat Market isn't even on 24th Street. It's on 25th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue in downtown Billings.

If you look closely at the photo above it would appear that the Meat Market used to have a different name. Perhaps it used to be the 25th Street Meat Market and they just changed to the the 4th Ave. Meat Market to test the tracking skills of the hunters they serve. Think about it, they'd have to use their noggins because typing in the 4th Ave Meat Market at 2nd Ave and 25th Street would screw their GPS up entirely. Hopefully they'll open up a new location in the West End on 24th Street and call it the Montana Avenue Meat Market. Just sayin'

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