When I was a kid, I got in massive trouble for digging holes in our dirt driveway; probably because my mother didn't want to drive her car into a massive hole while trying to park her car. But, we all know why I was doing it. I thought to myself, what if I kept digging through the Earth? Where would I appear at? As it turns out, the answer isn't as cool as you might think.

This is All Hypothetical, Of Course.

If you would actually try to dig through Earth, you'd end up suffering a pretty painful death. The Earth's core is made of molten iron and nickel and is estimated to be around 4,500 to 5,500 degrees Celsius. And that's just the outer core.

It's likely not going to be possible to dig that far anyway. You see, the further down you dig through Earth's surface, the temperature increases 1 degree Fahrenheit every 70 feet. The core of the Earth is a little over 3,900 miles from the top of the crust. So, it's very likely that the temperature and pressure would become too much for a human to bear long before you reach the core of the Earth anyway.

So, Hypothetically, Where Would You Come Out At?

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

By plugging in the coordinates of the Magic City into this website, it calculates the antipode (the location exactly on the other side of the world) of those coordinates. The antipode of Billings is a location in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Southeast of Madagascar. So, if there wasn't a core in the middle of the Earth, you'd end up stranded in the middle of the ocean, and I imagine it would be pretty cold.

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As the old saying goes, "If you keep digging, you'll end up in China." Of course, now you know that that's not true at all. I wouldn't argue with your parents, though, if you're digging holes on your property.

h/t: KTEM Newsradio

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