Right outta the gate, mine are he/him.

This past week, a judge here in Montana blocked the State of Montana from enforcing their new rule blocking transgender people from changing their gender marker on their birth certificate.

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What is this rule, anyhow?

Basically, this administrative rule took effect last Saturday, and now only allows Montanans to change the "sex" listed on their birth certificate ONLY if it was incorrect due to a data entry error, and ONLY if they can prove their gender via testing or DNA.

However, District Judge Michael Moses in Billings ruled that his preliminary injunction placed on a state law ALSO applied to this new administrative rule.

What about the Gianforte Administration?

Gianforte is known, as is our AG, for having strong opinions on these sorts of things... and he is making it clear his administration is ignoring the judges ruling on blocking health officials from enforcing his new, silly rule. See the AP Article below for more on that...

It's still quite shocking to me that our state government is busy worrying about whether someone designates as male or female on their birth certificate. I KNOW there are far more important things to worry about. Maybe check out the three articles below, for an idea of what he should focus his millionaire brains on.

Our out-of-control drug problem should take a back seat to those darn transgender people and their demands to change their gender marker, right?

The Long and The Short of it

TL;DR If the injunction stands, the state will revert back to the 2017 rule, allowing Montanans to change their gender marker on their birth certificate by simply filling out a form. But, if Gianforte has his way with it... and continues to waste time on it... you won't be able to. Unless you can change your DNA to read the gender you have transitioned to.

Seems Gianforte is too focused on taking the "Land of the Free" away from us, and making it the "Land of the He or She... if you can prove it".

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