Melissa and Jessie are YouTubers with a channel called Adventure Endeavor.

Here's a bit of their bio:

We are a young married couple, traveling the U.S. full-time in our 5th wheel toy hauler with our two dogs. On our channel, we cover the in's and out's of RV Living, struggles, trials, tribulations and many considerations before full-time RV travel.

Last year they went on a trip to Yellowstone, and while they did create a video about how much they loved it...they also made one about all the things they DON'T like about Yellowstone.

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As most of you know Yellowstone is already open for the season so I thought this would be a good time to share this, in case some of you have never been before.

I've been to Yellowstone MANY times and I can't lie...I found myself nodding along with them.

If you've been to Yellowstone you know that traffic IS definitely an issue. But, it's the nature of the beast, and why we recommend hitting it in the offseason. Their pro tip to head to the gate as early in the morning as possible is definitely a good one.

I love that they complained about Tourons...

They also mentioned that there is no cell phone service in the park.

It was originally a joke about not being able to post your pics to Instagram but it actually CAN be a big deal if visitors don't have a paper map and planned to rely on GPS to guide them.

Another issue for the couple was the size of the park, it takes more than a day to see everything.

While some of their video was a joke, they had some valid points about some of the things to dislike about Yellowstone.

Do you think they missed anything?

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