Time for a little trash-talking. Literally.

I'm getting ready to turn out some cattle to summer grass and every year I make a run along the highway to check the fence. I'm amazed how many people run their vehicles off the road during the wintertime. This year though no one went through the fence.

But, I get so disgusted with all the trash every year that ruins my property. I could spend a week cleaning up along Highway 87 and probably not put a dent in it. Why is that road the dirtiest road around? If you compare Highway 87 with Highway 212 on the way to Red Lodge it's not even close. Highway 312 towards Shepherd or Huntley is not nearly as bad either.

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Man, everything from bottles and cans to sheets and the Montana state bird -- the plastic Wal-Mart bag. Tires, diapers, wood, plaster, pillows, hand bags, car parts, targets, hoses, spray paint cans, fast food bags and wrappers. Every kind of junk known to man can be found on that stretch of highway.

Everyone talks about the trash in our oceans; what about the stuff along the highways?

There are a few weekends in the spring that the Bright and Beautiful campaign goes around to clean up the area. Maybe some of you would like to help along Highway 87. Heck with the price of aluminum cans right now a person could put himself through school with what is out there by me, and even on Mailbox road.

Or if you find good enough junk, sell it at the Billings Biggest Garage Sale this June for some cash.

Come on people, really? You can do better. You know how mad people get when someone finds a water bottle in your front yard? I have much, much worse than just a water bottle.

And don't forget your campaign signs, you losers need to take care of those too.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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