The rehabilitation of Main Street through the Heights is expected to be completed "early winter of 2021," with another portion of the project expected to cause some traffic delays over the next couple of weeks.

According to the Main Street Improvement project overview on the Montana Department of Transportation website, the improvements being completed on US Highway 312 include "upgrading of existing storm drain grates, construction of ADA compliant sidewalk corners, installation of accessible pedestrian signal push buttons, count down pedestrian signal heads, and reflective tape on traffic signal heads."

Beginning today (Monday 10/25) crews will begin "striping and grooving" along Main Street from 1st Avenue North near MetraPark to the intersection of Main and Bench Boulevard, according to the Billings Public Works Twitter page.

The Main Street Billings Improvement Project maintains and improves the condition of the roadway and extends the service life/quality of Main Street, the major thoroughfare through the heights in Billings and a primary connector to the rural communities east of Billings (Huntley and Shepherd). -Montana Department of Transportation

Trucks with arrow boards will direct traffic through "multiple lane shifts in various locations" during the striping that will be in several locations along Main Street and will affect both north and southbound lanes.

The striping and grooving project will take two weeks and delays could be up to 10 minutes during peak travel hours, according to the MDT.

To receive updates on the Main Street Improvement project, you can email, or get alerts to your phone by texting mainstbillings to 47177

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