The Rendezvous Casino & Burger Grill posted security footage to social media today (10/19) that shows a fairly bold break-in and theft that occurred early Sunday morning at the West End business. They gave us permission to share the videos of the incident (below).

An exterior security camera shows the thieves loitering outside the casino for a few minutes before one of the individuals smashes the bottom of the glass door with a hatchet. The Rendezvous is located on King Ave west, directly in front of Costco.

The only thing they took was the Shake-a-Day jackpots.

Rendevous security cameras show the men breaking in at approximately 5:17 am on Sunday, Oct. 16th. Both individuals were wearing coats, gloves, and full facemasks, making identification a challenge. While one thief waited outside, the other quickly dashed behind the bar and only grabbed two items... the shake-a-day jackpots.

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An employee reported the brazen thieves made off with around $1,500 cash, mostly in five and one-dollar bills.

A $2500 reward is offered.

The Rendezvous is offering a $2500 cash reward for information that leads to the arrest of the individuals. If you have any information regarding the theft, you can contact Tarah at the Rendezvous (406-652-4980) or contact Alicia or Cindy at the Western (406-652-7771). You may also contact the Billings Police Department at the non-emergency number (406-657-8800).

A manager I spoke with today said they received a lead that the individuals may have stopped at a Town Pump station shortly after the break-in. Authorities are following up on that lead. You can see the original post HERE. Side note: the Rendezvous has great burgers and I really enjoy their hand-cut fresh french fries. Maybe stop by next time you're headed to Costco to avoid shopping while "hangry."

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