In just a few short weeks 'The Office' will close its doors forever with the May 16 series finale episode "Finale." Only three episodes remain before Dunder Mifflin's ultimate end, and up to now NBC has played the details close to the chest, but no longer! Learn what faces new and old will be back to bid a fond farewell to 'The Office,' and what surprising new details will make the finale an affair to remember!

Long in the tooth though it might have been, we'll be sad to see 'The Office' finally bid adieu. And regardless whether or not Steve Carell's Michael Scott returns for one last bow, NBC has released the full "Finale" details that see a host of guest stars, both returning and new, coming back for one last trip to 'The Office,' including Mindy Kaling, B.J. Novak, Rachael Harris, Dakota Johnson, Joan Cusack, Ed Begley Jr., Malcolm Barrett, Matt Jones, Andy Buckey, Mike Schur and Bobby Ray Shafer.

Not only that, but NBC's press release revealed that 'The Office' finale would take place in a surprising timeframe, paying homage to the original UK 'Office' that wrapped up in a similar fashion:


05/16/2013 (09:00PM - 10:01PM) (Thursday) : THE OFFICE SAYS GOODBYE IN ITS ONE HOUR SERIES FINALE - Months after the airing of the documentary, the workers of Dunder Mifflin, past and present, gather for a wedding and a final round of interviews. Mysteries are solved, hatchets are buried, pranks are prunked.

So, who do we think might be getting married? Our money is on Ryan and Kelly, but there are several candidates that could thematically fill the role, among them Dwight and Angela, or Erin and...whomever. And come on, "Dunder Mifflin past and present" isn't a loose implication that Steve Carell could in fact return? Please.

It'll certainly be interesting to see what's changed in the time since airing the documentary, but what say you? Are you ready to say goodbye to 'The Office' on May 16? How do you hope the story finally ends?

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