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I got a tweet Friday afternoon from one of my Bobcat friends (I graduated from The University of Montana). He said:

Hey @aaronflint let’s make the @MSUBobcats / @UMGRIZZLIES game happen this year.

I got to thinking more about it over the weekend. He's exactly right. Not only is he right, but Montanans could and should make this happen.

Remember when officials tried telling you parents that you wouldn't be able to watch your kids play during their high school games? Montana parents united and rose up with the mantra "let us watch." It worked, and some schools were forced to reverse their policies.

We can do the same with the Cat-Griz game this year. Why can't the Cats and the Griz play one game in late November? Yeah, you won't have the 26,000-plus fans packing into Washington-Grizzly Stadium, but the kids can still play. Plus, you could broadcast the game on Montana radio and tv stations. Heck, why not play the game in Butte, Billings, or even in Eastern Montana like Glendive or Glasgow?

Here's the deal- "all the top-tier of college football conferences are now planning to play this fall," as CNN reports:

All the Power Five conferences -- SEC, ACC, Big 12, Pac-12 and Big Ten -- have announced plans to play this season. The Pac-12 announced Thursday they'd begin play on November 6.

I couldn't care less about the Big 10, the PAC this, or the PAC that. I care about the Big Sky. And our kids should be able to play. Let's make a Cat-Griz game happen this November.


By the way, if you hadn't heard:  Some University of Montana football players were forced to apologize for criticizing the COVID-19 restrictions in Missoula, and for calling on the public to contact local officials with their feedback. Here's my reaction via Twitter:



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