Montana Gas prices climbed again over the past week, and petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan says the state is likely to see more climbing prices as tensions in Iraq escalate.

"The situation in Iraq has tacked on about two dollars a barrel to the price of crude, basically, because of perceived threats to Iraq's three million barrels a day that it exports," DeHaan said. "That's a big concern, it's a considerable amount of oil. The U.S. for comparison purposes, produces about nine million barrels a day."

DeHaan says the Great Lakes region has already felt the cost impact of fears over Iraq, but was uncertain if Montana’s price had taken the hit yet. Montana prices are still lower than most of the county.
"Prices in Montana today are still under the national average by about 13 cents a gallon," DeHaan said. "The national average has jumped up by about two cents a gallon in the last week, that compares to Montana which jumped up by about a nickle."

Even though, prices are rising and war is erupting, Montana gas prices are still about eleven cents cheaper than they were last year.


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