It's actually quite surprising in the whole state of Montana we don't have one Michelin Star restaurant but we think there are a few places that could change that.

So if you don't know, the Michelin tire company is behind ranking restaurants and hotels to help folks plan their trips and have a memorable experience. It started in France in the 1890s by the founders and has grown worldwide. The better the restaurant or hotel, the more stars they will get and the more desirable their location will be. The thing is, Montana doesn't have one singular Michelin Star-rated restaurant and that's interesting.

Maybe Michelin hasn't been able to come out to Montana to venture around and eat at some of our fine establishments but in case they needed some help we put together a list of restaurants throughout the state of Montana that we believe has enough merit for a possible Michelin star.

We chose a few places locally here in Bozeman such as Blackbird Kitchen(classic Italian), and South 9th Bistro. Then there is Olive B's Bistro in Big Sky, Lucca's in Helena, Cafe Kandahar in Whitefish, Pekin Noodle Parlor in Butte, Juliano's in Billings, and Scotty's Table, The Keep, and 1889 in Missoula to finish the list.

All of these places are known for their high-quality food, top-notch service, and elite standard when it comes to their restaurant. If you have never been to any of these places and you live in Montana, you are missing out on an incredibly awesome food experience.

So without further ado, here are the Ten Possible Michelin Star Restaurants in Montana.

Ten Possible Michelin Star Restaurants in Montana

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