Montana is truly the last best place. There are not many other places in the country that compare. We hear stories all of the time about bears causing trouble and knocking over trash cans throughout Bozeman, but seeing a moose in town is much rarer.

Thanks to Madison Ryffel for the videos!

On Thursday morning, a bull moose wandered into Bozeman and many people couldn't believe their eyes. It's definitely not something you see every day. The moose was seen in the parking lot in front of Mattress Firm on N. 19th Avenue in Bozeman.

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Do you think he was tired? Was he shopping for a new mattress? Honestly, we have no idea what led the moose to Bozeman, but employees at the City Brew coffee shop nearby witnessed the amazing event and shared a few details with us.

According to a statement from employees, a Game Warden from Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks was on scene and was able to successfully tranquillize the moose in order to transport it to a safer place. After being tranquillized, the moose wandered behind Bed, Bath, and Beyond before returning to the parking lot where he eventually passed out. It reportedly took 10-12 people to lift the massive bull moose into the truck.

We reached out to Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks for comment but did not get a response. We're not sure where the bull moose was taken, but it was safely removed from the area due to safety concerns.

Needless to say, it was an exciting morning for many Bozeman residents and employees at businesses in the area. We will update this story when more information is available.

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