The city of Stevensville was going to have a meeting this past week, June 11, to discuss a new ordinance that would impose restrictions on properties near the Stevensville airport, but things didn't work out as planned. 

Mayor Gene Mim-Mack says that over 150 people showed up to the city-council chambers, which could only house 50 and that the meeting date had to be moved. Mim-Mack explains why he believes the public has been so engaged with this issue.

"People in the airport affected area are more concerned about how a proposed ordinance would affect them," Mim-Mack said. "They had legitimate concerns. They wanted to know the information and how that might apply to them. I think there's also been a lot of information going out into the community, from the town's perspective, is not entirely accurate. But I think it was quite alarming, and people responded to that, understandably so."

The current ordinance proposal is easy to access if people want to read it for themselves.

"The proposed ordinance is on the town's website at and can be accessed there," Mim-Mack said. "We've given out many copies here in town hall and I believe that when people read the ordinance, they may have some legitimate questions that are raised and we'd be happy to address them. But I think that it is important that people deal with what factual information is in the ordinance."

Mim-Mack says that many don’t understand that the ordinance is just an amendment to an old ordinance from 1989 and that it will not increase the size of the area that will face restrictions. A new meeting is scheduled for June 25th, officials were still busy looking for a room that could fit the expected turnout as of last Friday.



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