As we emerge from what was most defiantly a long stressful year for most of us, we shouldn't forget that as hard as it was on us, it was devastating for many small businesses, not only in our community but across the nation. It's nice to see some new businesses opening up in Billings. One new business opening is Roots Garden Center. This is not just a nursery, it's going to be a nursery, coffee shop and art gallery.  Roots Garden Center, Black Dog Coffee and Gallery is moving into the old nursery building that is on Poly Drive. What a great combination; you can shop for flowers and plants, enjoy a great cup of coffee and also enjoy some pretty fantastic art. How many times have we gone shopping and wished that said place we are shopping at had other options for the things that we needed or wanted?

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For instance, how about a place that you could, shop for clothing or merchandise, get your favorite cup of java or a smoothie and get your nails done. I know that there are a  couple of the national chains that already offer some of those services, but it would be super cool if a local small business offered that. How about a bar where you could grocery shop, get your hair and nails done, watch a movie and there was a babysitting or doggy daycare in-house?  I know there's a new business in Billings that offers general mechanic work on your vehicle as well as body work, dent less paint repair and detailing. Just think how convenient it will be to have to only take your vehicle one place to get it all done. Now, if you could only license your vehicle there too, that would be a bonus. If you could design a business that offered all or most of the things you wanted in one location what would that business be?

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It's not news anymore that Billings is a great place to start a business. Just look at the new businesses that have popped up in the last two years, and businesses are continuing to start or expand here. Even though just about any business would be great to have in our community, there are a few that we think Billings could use.

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