Sheriff David Clarke, the conservative headliner and former sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, is coming back to Billings, Montana. This time Sheriff Clarke will take the stage as the emcee for the rally featuring Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday.

But before he takes the stage at the Pence rally Wednesday, Sheriff Clarke will join me live on Montana Talks this coming Tuesday.

Tune in to Sheriff Clarke on "Montana Talks" with Aaron Flint this Tuesday from 9-10 AM on the following stations across Montana: (several of the below stations also have smart phone apps available)

  • Billings: Newstalk 95.5 and 95.1 FM, 970 AM KBUL
  • Bozeman: 1450 KMMS
  • Livingston: 1340 KPRK
  • Missoula: AM930 KMPT
  • Kalispell: 880 KJJR
  • Glendive: 1400 KXGN and 103.1 FM
  • Forsyth/Miles City: 1250 AM KIKC and 94.5 FM
  • Lewistown: 1230AM KXLO and 106.9 FM

You might recall that Sheriff Clarke spoke to a packed house at the Yellowstone County Lincoln Reagan Dinner earlier this year. His appearance sparked a tiff with the all-white Billings Gazette editorial board, which led to this response from Clarke:

The editorial board at the Billings Gazette is not outraged that the Yellowstone County GOP invited a conservative to speak, but rather a black conservative. The left hates conservatives but they abhor black conservatives like me because we can effectively neutralize their false racism smears against conservatives. It’s hard for leftists to swallow the debate when they’re up against a black conservative. According to them, I am supposed to embrace liberal dogma and condemn Republicans as racists. They see me not as an individual and freethinker, but an oddity whose opinions must be silenced.

The left-leaning media continually virtue signal about diversity – except when it comes to black conservatives. I challenge the editorial board to tell us about their diversity efforts and tell me how many people of color sit on their board. From the looks of it, they could use a lesson in diversity themselves. Maybe they should address how many people of color exist in the Montana Democrat Party, or how many Democratic people of color hold state office.

Note to the Billings Gazette editorial board: Take the hood off – I know who you are.


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