On Sunday’s ‘Fox and Friends’ program, Montana’s Democrat Senator Jon Tester was a top of discussion with comments from Deputy News Editor Alexi McHammond of the Axios website.

“Senator Tester is perhaps the most vulnerable Democratic Senator in the 208 election,” said McHammond. “I reported on that for Axios. As you just mentioned, Trump won the State of Montana by 20 points in 2016. Senator Tester’s approval rating in Montana is a solid 52 percent, but compare that to Trump’s 58 percent in the state, which is much higher, and his national average which suggests and shows that Montanans love the President.”

McHammond was asked if the Democratic National Committee might abandon Tester as a lost cause, to which she explained why she disagreed.

“There are a couple of things that will help Senator Tester,” she said. “One is that he doesn’t really have a strong, formidable Republican challenger. Ryan Zinke is obviously a part of the Trump Administration now, and the State Attorney General (Tim Fox) decided not to run, so until that happens, that could really help Tester in his favor. I would expect Democrats, if anything, add additional resources to help him.”

After Tester’s negative comments about the prospective VA Secretary Ronny Jackson, after which Jackson withdrew his name from consideration, President Trump called on Tester to resign from office.

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