He met with tribal leaders. He met with area ranchers impacted by last summer's wildfires. And, he talked about the importance of reorganizing the Department of Interior workforce. But most importantly, he paid his respects to the family of a Navy SEAL he served alongside in the US military.

Tom Lutey had this:

(Opening up the CMR for grazing after the fires) “It kept our family going. I was a savior. We would have had to sell cows,” said Matt Bliss, of Sand Springs. “It kept us going and we were able to use some of that old grass. Some of that stuff hadn’t been grazed and it was good for it. We saw some hunters in there after we had the cows out. There saw some new grass coming, even. They thought this wildlife is going to flourish because you were able to get some of that dead grass knocked down.”

After the meeting Zinke traveled to Wolf Point to the grave site of Navy SEAL Michael Bell, who served under Zinke and was later stabbed to death during a fight in Wolf Point.

David Jay with Q2 News also made the trip to the Hi Line for Secretary Zinke's visit.  Here's where Zinke is off to next.

Fort Peck was Zinke's only stop in Montana during this trip.

He will travel to Theodore Roosevelt  National Park on Tuesday, the Williston Basin Petroleum 26th Annual Conference in Bismark on Wednesday, and the Black Hills Cemetery on  Memorial Day.

On a lighter note, Zinke had some advice for the new royal couple in the UK when it comes to their honeymoon plans, as Breitbart News reports:

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