I am a fan of the roundabouts that Billings has installed at different intersections around our fair city. It took me a while to warm up to these "hell circles". You can't argue with how much better traffic flows in front of the airport Shilo Road, and on top of Zimmerman Trail.

The problem is that nobody was offered any sort of training on how to navigate these things. Every time I'm in one of these danged things now, I feel fairly certain that somebody is going to hit me. And it's not your fault. You're not even good on the straight parts of the road.


That's why I've been giving you so much space. But, even though you were doing seven miles per hour under the speed limit all the way up to the airport, you hit the roundabout and transformed into an Indy racer that can corner like the pros and put yourself in a perfect tailgating position.

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I avoid these at peak traffic times and I swear that every time that I'm in one, I see at least one vehicle cross lanes and take an exit that they weren't in position for. But I have not been run into yet, thankfully.

I think that if somebody would take the time to put up cameras that you could view online, you'd see some truly amazing maneuvers and near misses. Please keep in mind that everybody behind the steering wheel out there fancies themselves to be an undiscovered race car driver.

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