Montana State Auditor Matt Rosendale announced that 3,645 Montanans will be receiving letters regarding possible eligibility for restitution from an insurance case that was recently prosecuted by his office.

Spokesman Kyle Schmauch related the details of the scam.

“From 2012 to 2016 there was a host of companies and insurance people selling products primarily through Health Insurance Innovations,” said Schmauch. “However, there were nearly two dozen different companies and individuals that people may have purchased policies through. They were selling short term health insurance, and they were using misleading sales tactics misrepresenting what those policies entailed, and this happened in over 40 states.”

Schmauch said this activity resulted in a nationwide investigation.

“The National Association of Insurance Commissioners, of which our office is a member, conducted an investigation that resulted in a large number of settlements with companies and individuals including over $250,000 available for settlements,” he said. “If the recipients of the letters purchased a policy and believed the policy was different from what they were promised, they should fill out the paperwork and return it to our office. Restitution is available only to those who were misled.”

Over 3,600 Montanans have been sent letters by Rosendale’s office. These are individuals who purchased policies that may have contained misleading information, and may be eligible for compensation.

Schmauch advises all Montana residents to watch the mail for a letter from the Insurance Commissioner’s office relating to the company ‘Health Insurance Innovations’ or a related company, fill out and return the paperwork for possible restitution.

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