No more coronations. We will have a debate. If someone wants to be a leader representing House Republicans- they will have to work for it.

That's how Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT) summed up his reaction to the ouster of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) from House GOP leadership Wednesday morning. Rosendale was one of the first Republicans to speak out and call for Cheney's ouster back in January following Cheney's repeated attacks on her fellow Republicans.

Rosendale spoke about the vote shortly after it took place on the Montana Talks radio show with Aaron Flint. He says it all happened very quick:

Rosendale: It was a voice vote, there were no speeches, everybody understood that she is literally destroying the republican message. And if she's going to be the conference chair, the person who is responsible for delivering the message for the republicans. That's not working, and she had to get out. And finally everybody recognized it and bid her farewell.


Rosendale added that Cheney lashed out at her critics prior to the vote, and ended up getting booed by the caucus.

Rosendale: We need to focus on growing our economy on securing our border or getting our kids back to school. We've got an administration right now that is dismantling our way of life...when you're in a leadership role, the third highest ranking member of the Republican Party here on Capitol Hill on the House side you have to bring the conference together and help deliver that message. And when you yourself are the one tailing off and destroying the opportunity. It's just not effective.

Full audio with Congressman Rosendale Wednesday morning:


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