Libertarian candidate Rick Breckenridge has officially endorsed Republican Matt Rosendale for the U.S. Senate.

Breckenridge claimed during a press call on Wednesday that Democrat Jon Tester was using the same tactic in 2018 that his campaign used in 2012 to defeat Republican Denny Rehberg, by sending a mailer promoting the Libertarian candidate at the time, in order to siphon votes away from Republican Rehberg.

Breckenridge said he obtained a mailer, without a ‘paid for by’ message, stating that Breckenridge is the ‘true conservative’ in the Senate campaign, so that conservative voters would be lured away from supporting Rosendale.

Breckenridge neither endorsed nor paid for the mailer.

“Although I have not personally received this mailer, I have enough direct evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this is a direct ‘dark money’ attack on not only myself, but also Republican Matt Rosendale,” said Breckenridge. “I’m here today in unity and solidarity with Matt to present to the Montana press to fact-check the dark money influences in Montana politics.”

Breckenridge acknowledged that with a minuscule percentage of polling strength, that he does not pose a danger in swinging the election one way or another, however, he stated his displeasure with the tactics that he says were responsible for the mailer.

“This morning I’m standing in unity and solidarity with Matt to combat dark money in Montana politics,” he said. “I think today that Matt Rosendale is going to be the best person to fulfill that obligation, and so I’m here today to endorse Matt and his candidacy.”

Rosendale said he was ‘honored’ to have the endorsement of Rick Breckenridge.

“I’ve known Rick for quite some time and I share his concern with veteran’s issues and his desire to limit the government’s involvement in our lives,” said Rosendale. “I really appreciate him joining me in exposing this illegal dark money mailer which was distributed by Jon Tester’s allies.”

The Rosendale campaign stated in the press call that a complaint with the FEC (Federal Election Commission) against Tester would be filed shortly.

KGVO has received a response from Luke Jackson with the Tester campaign.

'This is yet another lie from Matt Rosendale - our campaign had nothing to do with this mailer, and Jon believes all campaign expenditures should be disclosed. We condemn this mailer and any other efforts like it. Period. Montanans have a clear choice as they head to the polls. Jon Tester has fought against Republican and Democratic administrations to protect our rights against mass government surveillance, and has voted for and consistently backed a balanced budget amendment to our Constitution. Matt Rosendale voted against bills to expand digital privacy rights and to require law enforcement to obtain a warrant to retrieve cell phone and email data. He oversaw increased spending every year he served in the legislature, and backed legislation that will add $2 trillion to our national debt.'




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