This week marks National Teen Driver Safety Week and Montana State Farm Insurance Spokesperson Angela Thorpe said recent findings show 90 percent of teens understand the consequences of distracted driving.

"When it comes to texting and driving, specifically 44 percent of them, according to the survey, say they still do it," Thorpe said. "In fact, a lot of the teens also said that one of the reasons they might not text or drive, or drive distracted for example, is because they know it's risky and could cause a crash."

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 15- to 20-year olds, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

"There are few key components that we feel is important," Thorpe said. "The survey really emphasizes the need for ongoing education, technology and legislative solutions with plenty of parental support to curb these types of behaviors."

Thorpe said the survey covered 1,000 teens from across the U.S., ages 16 and 19.

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