Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT) is getting called out by Politifact for using false statistics when it comes to the gun control debate. Bullock, desperate to be named as a potential Democratic presidential candidate in 2020, was recently in Milwaukee, Wisconsin raising money for Wisconsin Democrats.

Politifact analyzed a line by Bullock where he argued that a quarter of gun buyers bought a gun without a background check. Politifact rated this claim as "mostly false," adding:

But it takes into account people who acquired guns either by purchasing them, or by simply receiving them, for example as a gift.

Among those surveyed who had purchased a gun within the previous two years, only 13 percent said they had done so without a background check.

I reached out to Tim Macy with the Gun Owners of America for reaction. Macy says:

This is typical for anti-gun politicians like Bullock. They say whatever they want and spew phony statistics along the way thinking they won't be fact checked. Usually, when they are caught, they go even more on the attack because they can't win the argument based on facts. Montana deserves better than Bullock.

TMJ4 News in Milwaukee also filed the below TV report on the story:

In case you missed it, Politico has a piece about the 2020 Dems and how their staffs are shaping up. Here's what they had to say about Bullock:

After registering a new political group of his own in 2017, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock brought Tom Lopach — a Washington veteran and former Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chief with close ties to donors nationwide — to Helena to serve as his chief of staff. And much of his political work has increasingly been run through Matt McKenna, a former Bill Clinton aide, and Nick Baldick, a veteran strategist with significant experience atop presidential campaigns, particularly in New Hampshire. Bullock’s ad makers, Clare Gannon and Mattis Goldman, remain in the fold, as well.

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