In the video below you'll see yet another couple of tourists trying to get too close to those big fluffy, cuddly, bison. The animal stands and charges. Someone yells at the animal, though I'm not sure what that was supposed to do.

You'll see a man and a young woman running. It is the only thing they can do, though we know they can't outrun the beast. Then, the young lady falls. 

The beast catches up to her and stands over her, snorting and sniffing. You'll hear tourists yelling over and over, "Lay down. Play dead!"

A couple of men try to get the animal's attention. The animal does not seem to be interested in them. Finally the beast gives up and moves away.

The young lady seems to frightened to move. The man that was with her walks over and helps her up. Even from a distance it is easy to see that she is shaken by the experience.

Do you suppose that, just maybe, if enough tourists get chased and mauled by wild animals at Yellowstone, sooner or later they will all know to keep their distance from them?

Okay maybe there are so many people who have never been chased by a wild animals, this will never end.

OR - maybe these people are so stupid that this will never end.

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