Q2 reports that backers of a proposed ballot measure to increase tobacco taxes and extend government-funded health coverage to 94,000 low-income Montanans said Monday that groups opposing them are not properly reporting the financial activities of their campaign.  Supporters of Initiative 185, which has yet to qualify for the ballot, asked Commissioner of Political Practices Jeff Mangan to investigate the allegations against Montanans Against Tax Hikes, or ‘MATH’.

Healthy Montanans for I-185 has reported nearly $600,000 in contributions from the state’s hospitals, organized labor groups, health-care groups and advocates for low-income Montanans.  MATH’s latest financial report said it has raised an inexplicable $325 through May 27.  Healthy Montanans for I-185 says their opponents are using undisclosed funding sources to conduct robo-calls, create focus groups and polling to test whether false and misleading information can be used to defeat I-185.

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