Have you ever stopped to think about your family tree? Have you ever wondered what your ancestors looked like? Or how your ancestors lived their lives? If you have, chances are you probably have only imagined back a few generations. For example, I have traced my family lineage all the way back to Ellis Island. But, couldn't manage to trace it back any further. That's just a couple hundred years, or as I like to say "3 people ago." Imagine being able to trace your family tree back 17,000 years.

A member of the Blackfoot tribe in Montana has been credited as having his DNA traced all the way back to the stone age. Meaning he is part of a family lineage that dates back to the time humans were believed to have migrated into North America. But, contrary to what we have been told, it appears this man's DNA traces back to Polynesian descent.

According to The Vintage News website

A Montana man’s DNA has been traced back 55 generations with 99 percent accuracy, according to the ancestry company, CRI Genetics, that tested him. Darrell “Dusty” Crawford, who is Native American, has said he was taught in school that his ancestors, the Blackfeet Native Americans, used the Bering Land Bridge during the Ice Age to reach the Americas.  However, his DNA testing contained another surprise: It seems that Crawford’s ancestors are from the Pacific Islands.

Data suggests that Dusty's ancestors may not have traveled the Bering Land Bridge, and actually traveled the coast of South America to where the Blackfeet tribe is today.

Kind of makes you think about what REALLY took place for all of us to be where we are today. It may not be how we have been told.

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