Over the past few weeks, I had at least two mailers in my mailbox from liberal Gov. Steve Bullock's campaign where he pretends to support our 2nd Amendment rights. Anyone who has remotely followed the governors public remarks over the last couple years would let out an audible laugh immediately upon receiving one of these mailers.

On guns: Bullock previously campaigned in support of 2nd Amendment rights, and after launching his failed presidential campaign, he now wants to ban semi-automatic rifles. He also says "no one needs a 30-round magazine."

Despite this clear pandering to the radical Democrat electorate during the presidential primary, Bullock is now trying to convince Montanans that it never happened with his campaign ads.
The Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) is clearly not buying it:
During his time as Governor of Montana, Bullock vetoed EVERY serious legislature approved pro Second Amendment bill sent to his desk here. Sixteen bills in total that he vetoed after they were passed by both sides of our legislative body. He also refused to sign three more bills that included our Ammunition and Components Manufacturing bill, which not only provides for good jobs here in Montana, but ammunition security. Without ammunition, our guns become nothing more than clubs. 
Meanwhile, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is taking Bullock to task for flip flopping all around, not just on guns:
Ultimately, Steve Bullock is a confusing mess.  He’s running for president, then he’s not.  He states over and over that he won’t run for U.S. Senate, and then he does.  Now, he wants voters to believe he supports “our individual right to arms” while supporting banning “arms,” and after a well-documented history of vetoing legislation that sought to expand “our individual right to arms.”
In case you missed it, former NRA Chairman David Keene joined us recently on Montana Talks. Click here to listen to the podcast.

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