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Our Business Manager Heather had a birthday recently and her husband, Carl gave her an antique gift this year.  Most guys would buy jewelry or a gift certificate to a spa, or maybe surprise their wife with a trip somewhere. Not Carl. First let me tell you that this guy is one of  the coolest dudes I've ever met and he's always thinking outside the box. Carl surprised Heather with a firearms class. Heather told me that it was the perfect gift and that It was fun to do the class together as a couple. She went on to describe how the class went.

It was awesome, Steve and Jerome were our instructors. They made the classroom environment lots of fun. They gave us a ton of one-on-one time. We had a total of 12 people in the class, all from people like me who have never picked up a hand gun to people just needing a refresher course.

Heather told me that she's shot rifles before, but not a hand gun and wasn't sure what gun she should even be shooting, but the guys at Black Butte Range helped her out.

They had all the equipment I needed right there at the facility, so I didn’t need to have a gun, or holster or ear protection. They helped me pick a gun they thought would fit me. I plan on buying a hand gun soon but had no idea what to even look for.

Like all classes you take, you have to pass the class with X, some people that day didn't pass the class (not pointing fingers), but they get to have a follow up class as Heather explains.

I have a follow up one-on-one with Jerome so he can work with me more on choosing the correct gun to purchase and to be a better aim. I definitely need more practice. I plan on getting a membership so I can go shoot regularly. It is a great way to let off a little steam and release some frustrations.

Have you ever taken a firearms class or applied for or have a conceded weapons carry?

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