I don't think I've ever inadvertently scared anyone this badly before in my life. I don't think I looked scary today, at least not to those I've been around at the office today. However, I did come to realize that it was probably my fault that it happened, even though I was doing a kind service and letting others out the door of the restaurant I went to lunch at. So, to that woman, I'd like to apologize to you.

I Likely Was Hidden From Your View

It happened as I was leaving the restaurant I went to for lunch today. It was just some fast food, but what I was eating wasn't very important. I noticed you coming up to the restaurant door with a few other people. I decided that instead of opening the door and holding it from the outside, I would open the door for the group from the inside so I wasn't in the way.

But, I think that was a bad idea. When I opened the door, you were talking with someone in the group, and I was positioned behind an ad that was stuck to the window, so there's no way you could have seen me while walking in. When I noticed that the group was finished walking in, I tried to walk out the door when I tripped over your back foot.

You Lept Up and Screamed as if Something Terrible Happened

I apologized profusely, but I knew the people you were with were laughing and you eventually laughed with them. I made sure you were okay, then I left the restaurant. However, I just felt so bad, considering I had never, ever scared someone that badly before. I wanted to make this a public apology and let everyone know that it isn't the end of the world if you do this. I have lots of anxiety now, but I know that we all found it funny in the end and it probably didn't ruin her day at all.

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Hopefully, you read this apology. It makes me feel better knowing that we had a fun experience even though it started with a scare. I also hope you have an excellent weekend.

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