The governor reading from a script while he keeps an entire community shut down and shut off from the rest of the state...can't even stand on his own two feet and say what he thinks. Has to read to the script Chuck Schumer sent him.

That was my unedited reaction Saturday night after watching this must-see report on KULR-8 TV, the NBC station based in Billings, Montana.

I was in Gardiner, Montana recently and snapped some photos outside the entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Even if you just want to make a drive to Cooke City, the locals told me, the National Park Service won't let you through unless you are on "essential" business.

KULR8 reporter Luke Laster traveled to Cooke City, Montana and talked with several local business owners who feel locked out from the rest of Montana. It's a fact that is even more discouraging now that the Wyoming side of Yellowstone National Park is opening, while the Montana gates will still be shut.

"Why can't Montanan's come through that park. There is no reason. They can travel anywhere in this whole state, but they can't come through that park," says Leo Gaertner.


Watch the full report below (shared with permission):

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