It was another slam dunk by the Scobey Spartans in Lockwood over the weekend, as the Scobey boys took home the state Class C trophy.

There seem to be so many incredible stories following the state basketball tournaments in Montana over the weekend. But the big story this year is the simple fact that each one of these teams finally got to prove themselves and take home a state championship trophy.

One year ago the state tournaments were underway, and then around Friday night of the tournaments, Montana found out we had our first case of COVID-19, and the kids were never able to play the championship games. The tournaments were shut down mid-stride.

Imagine being the Lodge Grass Indians one year ago; they were poised to bring home their first championship in 30 years, and they didn't get a chance to play the championship game. They didn't get a chance to truly bring home a state championship trophy.

This year they did it. For the first time in 31 years, the Lodge Grass Indians won the state championship. (Check out our great conversation with Lodge Grass Coach Josh Stewart back before Christmas about how the team held their heads high despite not being allowed to play the championship last year).

By the way, Coach Stewart will join us on Monday's "Montana Talks" statewide radio show around 945 a.m.

It was a memorable and historic weekend for many. For the Big Timber girls, they took home their first state championship trophy in nearly 40 years. The Fort Benton girls got their first championship ever. The Skyview boys in Billings won a thriller over Great Falls. And according to 406 MT Sports, the Helena Capital girls staged an "epic comeback" for their AA state championship victory.

Here's what stood out to me with all of these games, and all of these victories. You notice it wasn't simply about getting a trophy. It wasn't about simply being declared a winner. It was about having the chance to EARN IT.

"The big thing was last year. We didn't get to finish it. We didn't get to experience this," Scobey head coach Jason Wolfe explained. "And that's what these guys have been talking about all year, is to finish it, get this final buzzer, and experience that."  (h/t


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