Missoula police have a woman in custody who apparently tried to stop what she perceived as an act of animal abuse with a pocket knife. At around 2:20 P.M. on Friday, August 26, police were called to a disturbance in the 200 block of Ryman Street.

"The male had been walking his dog down the street on a leash," said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "A female had stopped and engaged him because she was not happy with how she perceived he was treating the dog. Apparently, at some point, she pulled out a small knife and was waving it around."

The woman, identified as 52-year-old Gina Catalano, apparently tried to stab the man because of the way he was using the dog's leash.

"According to her, he was jerking the leash, the male later said that he was pulling on the leash because the dog was misbehaving. It came down to her interpretation apparently. The results, unfortunately, ended up with her going to jail."

Welsh said that no one, including the dog, was injured in the incident. The dog was wearing a standard collar, not a choke-collar. Catalano was charged with assault with a weapon.

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