Tonight, the Mega Millions lottery is at a mind-numbing $660,000,000. That is a LOT of money! What would you do with that kind of money? Have you gotten a ticket yet? Here's my take.

Two Multi-State Lotteries Each Offer Over $400 Jackpots
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$660 Million, minus taxes

Say you win the entire $660 Million to yourself, lucky you! Here's one problem with that. Immediately, if you take the lump sum amount, that drops to $388 million. Still, an astronomical amount of cash! But, less than you won. Don't forget Uncle Sam and Uncle Gianforte! Both the US Government and the State of Montana get their share. Grand total of taxes? $123,772,000. You keep nearly $265 Million.

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Now what? A Ferrari? Mansion? No. Lawyer Up.

Sure, you may want to race out and start spending that money asap. I know I for sure would (who doesn't want to drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini around Billings) but you should invest in a dang good lawyer. Why? People you know, don't know, and wish you never did know will come from nowhere to take a slice of your pie. It's best to get a lawyer, sit down and line out trusts for all the loved ones you want to share with, and that is final. Once they are handled, keep that lawyer retained to handle all the incoming lawsuits.

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Well, once all these little things are done... go for it. Get that Ferrari, you earned it! Just... consider this. You are now one of the richest people in Montana. Say, after setting up funds and paying your lawyer for years of protection, you end up with $230 Million. Split that in half, and take that half to an investment firm. Spread it wide and far, stocks, real estate, crypto, etc. $115 Million left (chump change!)

My plan if I win

Simple. Do exactly what I mentioned above, protecting my wealth. But, I'd go for a nice house and some land I can secure first. Also, most likely, hire a team to keep me and my family safe. People will do ANYTHING for money, especially if you have a lot of it. It's best to take it slow and steady.

Besides, I'm not a Ferrari kinda guy. I'd likely buy a Rivian... and a new F-150 Raptor R.

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