Last year the 56,000 light Christmas display which adorned Jan Stewart's Fountain Valley, California home went viral, with a YouTube video of the lights in action garnering close to 500,000 views.

This year she went even further, attaching an additional 10,000 LED lights, a few lasers and a fog machine. Total cost: $50,000 and a month of prep time.

For her efforts, which come courtesy of lighting expert Damion Rodriguez, she has another hit on YouTube. And, because of the notoriety, more and more people are driving over to her Orange County neighborhood to get a look at the show with their own eyes.

And that isn't sitting well with some of her neighbors.

"It’s more appropriate for the Las Vegas Strip. It’s not that we’re opposed to Christmas, it’s just too much," said Joe Flannigan, echoing a sentiment expressed by some, although not all, of Stewart's neighbors

So far the town has fined Stewart for the loud music that goes along with the display, and in response she has turned it down.

What do you think? Can a Christmas light display go too far? Check out Stewart's yuletide efforts from last year and this holiday season below, and decide.

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