Last night little St. Peters college beat Kentucky in the opening round of the NCAA tourney. Clearly outmanned and outgunned, the tiny school pulled off the upset: An experience we all love to watch. A real Samson and Goliath story.

We could have the same excitement here in our state with our high school tourney! We talked this morning about the real Hoosiers story in Milan, Indiana in 1954. The tiny school with 161 students beating a clearly more dominant and powerful Muncie, Indiana team with over 2,000 kids. So great an event that over 40,000 people lined the streets to welcome them back from Indy to Milan, a small farming community of 1,000.

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The same could easily be accomplished here. Line them all up, top to bottom, and start playing. The state could be divided up into sectionals, then four regionals, North, South East, and West. Then the semis, an East and West. Then the championships at the biggest arena we have in Missoula, Bozeman, or Billings.

Imagine Lodge Grass playing Helena capital for the crown!! What about a Three Forks vs Bozeman Final or a Missoula vs Melstone final.

It would generate so much interest that the game would sell out, be televised, and broadcast everywhere. It would really create the madness that is associated with the college tournament.

One thing stands in the way though, the MHSA. They would never allow it even though I'll bet the overwhelming majority of people here would.

Everyone likes to root for the underdog... Go Ukraine.

See ya Monday at 5 a.m.

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