A 60-year-old Oklahoma man, who prosecutors say committed a laundry list of violations in Yellowstone National Park, will serve a week behind bars.

Edmond Oklahoma resident Theodore Eugene Garland was sentenced earlier this month on seven counts of illegal activities and violations in Yellowstone National Park.

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According to an announcement Monday, Garland had a social media page, podcast and guidebook that contained information about his "guided" tours in Yellowstone that violated closures and other park regulations while encouraging park visitors to do the same.

In an announcement Monday, the US Attorney's Office said those violations include providing unauthorized guided tours, trespassing on thermal grounds, violating swimming closures and cliff jumping, creating "hot pots in rivers" and disturbing wildlife.

Judge Mark L. Carmon found Garland guilty on seven of 15 counts following a bench trial.

Garland will additionally receive a five-year ban from Yellowstone National Park.

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