Missoula police took a man into custody Monday afternoon, October 16, after a local hotel reported threats.

"A man was arrested for the offense of felony intimidation after he had threatened to blow up a hotel and harm employees there after he was kicked out of the hotel," said Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh.

Police interviewed the man and hotel staff over the issue, the staff said that the man had been denied a hotel room because of what he had been doing to the walls in his room.

"He had been asked to leave the hotel after maid staff discovered that he had smeared feces all over the walls of his room," Welsh said. "He was booked in for Felony Intimidation, for threatening harm unless he was granted his room, also Disorderly Conduct for smearing the feces around on the walls inside his room, as well as for Resisting Arrest."

Welsh says no weapons have been found. The man received the Resisting Arrest charge because he stiffened his arms and refused restraints during arrest.

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