We received a notice from HighMark Traffic Services asking us to pass along this information to hopefully help people avoid some hefty delays this weekend. These are all secondary roads, so there may not be heavy traffic, but rather a long wait next to a flagman while you wait for a pilot car. Here's the notice we received:

Affecting travel in and around Billings, Laurel, and surrounding areas, HighMark Traffic Services, Inc. will be doing construction consisting of centerline milling, fog seal, and road striping, on Secondary 302, Secondary 401, Secondary 532, and Secondary 416 on September 16 – 18, and again the week of September 26th. The operations will consist of delays due to a pilot car operation for the milling (September 16-18), and a mobile operation for the fog seal and painting. Contact the office of HighMark Traffic Services, Inc. at (406) 373-9042 with any public comments, questions, or complaints.

Secondary 302 - Billings to Molt
Secondary 401 - Molt to Canyon Creek
Secondary 532 - Billings to Laurel
Secondary 416 - Billings to Pryor

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